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Together against invoice fraud.

What is invoice fraud.

You send an invoice to your customer by email or post and a criminal intercepts this invoice, either by hacking your mailbox or that of the customer, or by intercepting the paper invoice. The bank account number is modified and the invoice is delivered to your customer. When the customer pays the bill to the account number on the invoice, the money is transfered to the account of the criminal instead of you, leaving your customer with a long lasting headache.

This already happened with invoices of several tens of thousands of euros!

As a supplier you can make life a happier place by registering your IBAN bank account number(s) on this site. A customer then will be able to lookup the IBAN number and see its legal owner.

No more invoice fraud!

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Together against invoice fraud.






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How to register?

Just make a bank transfer of € 12,10 (10 + 2,10 VAT) from the account you want to register to our bank account number IBAN BE18405010295165.

Once payment arrives at our office, the account the payment comes from and the name linked to it will be added to our database. From that moment on your customers will be able to search your IBAN number and verify that you are the owner! You can register multiple numbers under the same name.

If you provide your email address and VAT number on the payment (Belgian customers only) you will receive an invoice for this service.

Your registration will remain valid for 2 years.

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No setup. Just pay a small fee, we do the rest.

€ 12,10 (10 + 2,10 VAT)
  • 2 years subscription
  • Invoice provided
    (Belgian customers)



Pay by scanning this QR code:


Or make a manual bank transfer to our bank account IBAN BE18405010295165

If you require an invoice of this service, then note your email address and VAT number in the description of the payment (only for Belgian customers).

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